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  • Are you an expat or an English speaker?
  • Have you been drawn to attend a self-development workshop, but were always stopped because of the language barrier?
  • Are you interested in trying powerful method that can improve the quality of your life?
  • Or do you already know the constellation work and would like to experience it among English speaking people?

Then you are just the person this workshop is aimed for!

Both Mirek and Petra are members of the Czech Association of Systemic Constellations (ČASK). They have experience of leading constellation workshops over the last years for a large number of people who could benefit from this method. Their training background is connected with two different constellation schools whose approaches complement each other in a beautiful way. Mirek and Petra cooperate to combine their talents and experiences and create together something unique in the life constellation workshop. Constellation work is a very gentle therapeutic method experienced in a group setting. It can take you to a space where you can experience something that needs to be really seen and acknowledged in your life. As a result of this acknowledgement and completion, a lot of life energy that was stuck can be set free and can start flowing freely again. It can open you to experiencing your life with a higher level of presence, openness, light-heartedness and grace.


Contact us:
For those who prefer written communication – life(at) (Mirek)
For those who prefer phone communication – +420 731 968 319 (Petra)

Registration: life(at)
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